What is the best age to start Quran Hifz for your child?

According to Islamic Point of view there is not any age limit for Quran memorization of Hifzul Quran. It is encouraged to start Hifz as soon as it could be. According to the Islamic tradition we teach and memorise first Kalmah when our children are going t start speaking..

When you are going to start Hifz to your children then you should bear in your mind that there are four main categories of Quran memorization or Hifzul-Quran and you need to know which will be suitable for your child.

Alim Live has  expert  Huffaz teachers who will be able  to guide you if you want your child will the Hafiz of Quran.

According to experience of different scholars and Islamic teachers who help children to memorise the Quran they say that the  best age to start with for Hifzul Quran is 5 years.

If you want face to face lessons or Hifz classes in London or  want home visit by qualified male and female teach you can check with us if you live in London. Alternatively, we can offer online learning options for Quran learning and courses for Hifzul-Quran with qualified Huffaz teachers.

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