Free advice before starting the memorising of Quran (hifzul-Quran) for your child.

Muslim  parents want for their children to learn Quran and some parents want for their children to memorise the Holy Quran by heart. It is a great luck and enormous reward for the parents and their children who are memorising Quran or have already memorised the Quran.
There are some key steps and procedure which is helpful  for the students who want to  memorise the Quran.
1) Chose a Good Qaari of Quran:-
The first step is to start reading from a good Qaari, a processional person who can teach Quran with proper Tajweed rules and who is (Ijaazah holder) a certified Qaari. It is important to start basicreading of Quran with a professional Qaari to learn Quran with Tajweed rules  because if a child has learnt Quran with wrong accent then  it is difficult for him to read with correct accent (Makhaarij) because it takes time and  effort  to change the  habit of reading wrong way. You can also join Tajweed courses or Tjaweed lessons before doing Hifz..
2) Read Quran Regularly:-
It is important to read Quran regularly. It is important for  students who are memorising the Quran or who have already learnt the Quran by heart. Prophet Muhammad Sallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam said in a Hadith which is narrated in Bukhari and Muslim: ''Read the Qur'an regularly. By the One in Whose Hand Muhammad's soul is, it escapes from memory faster than a camel does from its tying ropes.''
3)- Start memorising (Hifz from the  sort  Sura's of  30th Para:
It is also important to start Hifz from the short Suras. For that teachers ask the students to start from 3oth Parah from the end because if you know more Suras of the Quran then you have more confidence in memorising rather than if you start from Sura Al-baqrah. When it takes time to memorise only one Sura you might  have lack of  confidence.
4) What Suitable Hifz Course suites you?
You also you determined first how much of the Quran you want to memorise. If you want to do Hifz of some Suras then there is different way to memorise the Quran and if you want to do Hifz of the whole Quran then there is different way.
If you want to know more details or you want to know which kid of Hifz course is suitable for you the can explore our Hizul-Quran Courses. You can also contact us for free advice.