Arabic, Quran and Urdu learning is accessible for everyone in London

Our aim at providing  Arabic , Quran, Tajweed , Urdu and Islamic Studies' lessons  for all ages. We make Quran learning  easy and accessible for all and keep the charges reduced and reasonable

We offer lessons of Arabic, Quran, Tajweed , Urdu and Islamic Studies. These lessons are available anytime during the day, evening and weekend.

Those teachers who teach Quran and Tajweed they are specialisedin Qira’at and Tajweed  and those people who teach Arabic  and Urdu they are fully qualified to teach languages and they are native teachers. We take care that they must be CRB checked if they are teaching kids or vulnerable people and have been paying proper amount of tax and must be allowed to work in the UK if they are UK resident.
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How make learning Arabic, Quran, Tajweed, Hifz make difference in fast learning?

The most effective, easy and effective to learn Quran, Tajweed, Arabic and Urdu or any subject is to learn face to face with the presence of a teacher and individual lessons are also more effective than group classes. But sometimes if you have to arrange a private tutor it can be expensive because of their traveling expensive and travelling time is also double than the lesson’s time.
Alim Live offer private home tuition in London and online lessons and it is also half price compare to others professional and registered educational organizations and companies in the UK.  You can learn Quran 
A fully qualified and professional teacher teachs you on the Skype. These lessons are economical 
 and you can take more lessons with the same money. We offer online lessons with excellent quality and provide refund if you are not happy with our quality.

Quran learning accessible for all and learning Quran online even free

Our aim is to make Quran learning easy, affordable and accessible for all our children and adults. We offer Quran learning lessons to children with very attractive and enjoyable way so that they learn Quran and enjoy in learning Quran.
We provide private home tutoring in London with male and female professional teachers. All our teachers are Ijaazah holders (Specialised in Qira’at).  

We provide one-to-one tutoring and small group classes at places specified by you and we seek to keep our prices low to enable Quran students or parents who are worry about their children's Islamic education and do not have enough income to provide private home tutoring for their kids.
We provide many options for learning Quran for you and your children and offer cheap lessons for learning Quran online. If you cannot afford lessons then still you can contact to learn Quran free and we can see what are the options are available for you.

We also offer free lessons of Quran and Islamic Studies for our new Muslims brothers and sister in the UK and ask for donation to our generous brothers and sisters to spend their money and make donation for this noble work of Dahwah. 

What are the practical ways of Quran learning properly in the Western countries?

If you are a truly believer then you are always worry about learning Quran and understanding the meaning of Quran. According to the Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (Peace BE Upun Him) learning the knowledge of Islam is compulsory upon every Muslim men and women.
Quran is the main source of pure knowledge of Islam. But unfortunately, as a Muslim our main target has been to learn Quran without meaning and even ignoring the all rules of learning Quran. Now Muslim parants have understanding about the exact ways of learning Quran and teaching Quran which called learning Quran with Tajweed.
At Alim Live, we provide lessons for  adults and children. All lessons and courses are offered by fully qualified and specialised teachers. These teachers whether they are male or female are Ijaazah holders (Qualified in Tajweed and Qra’at). You can explore the courses from Tajweed Courses 
These courses will you the better unstading of learning Quran with Tajweed . You can learn Quran face to face (Private home tuition) in London and learning Quran online at your place where you live.