Four Main Reasons Why Quran, The Most Widely Read Book In The World

1)-  The most read book in the world:-

The Holy Quran is read minimum 3.78 billion times a day. Almost every Muslim reads the Holy Quran every day. If a Muslim does not have the chance to open it and read it still it is read in the prayer(Slaah)

Almost every Muslim in the world reads Quran 100s of times in his lifetime cover to cover and at least once during the Holy month of Ramadhan.

2)-   The most memorised book in the world:- 

Quran is the most memorized book in the world. There are a minimum 5 million of people who has memorised thee Holy Quran. 

Every Muslim tries to memorise some  parts or Suraas of the  Quran and at least every  must have to memorise short Suras to read them in the prayer(Slaah). 

3)- More Practicing Muslims than Christians:-

There are approximately two billions Christians and Muslims are around 1.4 Billion. From statistic we found that the numbers of practising is more than from practising Christian. So that there are more readers of Quran than Bible.

4)- Fast growing religion in the world:-

The numbers of Muslims are  growing than Christians, so that Quran has more followers and  will be read m
ore than Bible.

Learn to read Quran before you start Hifdhul Quran. Capability to Quran is a first step to memorise the Quran. 

The best and quickest option is to learn Quran online with any professional Quran teacher.