Why Muslims read the Quran even they do not understand the meaning of the Quran???

You might have chance to go to libraries and searching the books according to your own choice and purposes.  You might also have chance to see the other people who are in the library and exploring
the books according to their interest. Rarely does it happen that you or other people pick that book up which is not understandable for them. That book might be different language or its topics might be beyond the understanding.

It you recall the above example in your mind, you can imagine that this strange thing happens with the Holy Quran in the most Muslim families. The maximum goal they have just to complete Quran with knowing and understanding the meaning of the Quran.

Quran is a message and book for guidance. Its actual, advantage to read with understanding and implementing its guidance in our life. No doubt there are huge reward of Quran reading even we do not know its meanings but the main and actual purpose of Quran is to read the Quran with understanding and spending the lives according its principles. But unfortunately, we always rely on reward of Quran reading but do not move forward towards getting more reward to understand the Holy Quran.

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