Online Quran & Language Courses: What is difference between learning Arabic and learni...

Every Muslim has the  desire to learn Quran with the way it was  revealed which is called learning Quran withTajweed rules. Learning Quran with Tajweed and learning Arabic language are different ways to achieve two different goals.
For learning Arabic language you should have capability to deliver and teach a language and sometimes people prefer  to learn Arabic from a native Arabic speaker who have teaching qualification and have enough  experience.

However,  the most important matter for  in learning Quran is to learnQuran from an Ijaazah holder, the one who is qualified to teach Quran with Tajweed. Sometimes it is not a matter to teach Quran if someone does not know the rules.  Tajweed is a style of Arabic speaking that was spoken in the time of prophet(PBUH).